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Client: Private / Status: Concept / Location: Dublin


This project seeks to redefine the typology of “school” while also seeking to take advantage of the vacant Georgian housing in Dublin. Through the exploration of the typology of ‘school’, a web of social, cultural, historical, political, architectural and economic landscapes is inherited. 


In response to the ‘generic repeat design school’ currently favoured by the  Department of Education, this school looks to carefully knit into the fabric of the area and to release the latent potential within the local community.

The vacant Georgian shops on the site are re-imagined as individual school houses with shop fronts to the street, re-engaging the school with the community and providing a cost-effective alternative learning environment. Strategic openings are carved out within the buildings to provide connections between houses while retaining the ‘two-room-and-stairs’ character of the Georgian typology.


This proposal was exhibited at the Describing Architecture Exhibition in 2013.

Anthro Architecture - Comic Strip of School / House
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