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Client: Housing Association / Status: Feasibility / Location: Ireland

Mat Housing

The proposed H - Quarter is a low rise, high-density street-based scheme optimising the well-connected location of the site.

The scheme is laid out as six urban blocks set around a series of communal gardens, creating a family-friendly urban housing typology.

This 90-dwelling development forms part a series of new tree lined pedestrian routes which cross the site creating very strong spatial connections with adjacent elements within the site and the surrounding context.

The “streets” have an intimate sense of scale and are bordered on each side by three and four-storey buildings. At their intersection, at the heart of the scheme, the two masses of blocks broaden out into a delightful tree lined communal space.

Throughout the development public space is heavily overlooked by the residents on either side. Balconies and oriel windows overhang the street, terraces and the numerous front doors create a sense of ownership and the opportunity for personalisation (pots, deck chairs, hanging baskets).

Parking provision is provided for all units (90 spaces+ 18 guest spaces), predominantly to the rear of the site, with other small pockets of parking knitted into the landscaping proposal. Provision is also made for allotments and games courts to the periphery of the site.

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